10 Most Common Myths About Vitamin B12 Shots

There are many myths about “vitamin B12 shots near me. In fact, I have many of them to tell you.

Here are 10 of the most common myths about vitamin B12 shots.

1. Vitamin B12 is the only type of vitamin that can cause anemia. So the treatment of anemia will include taking Vitamin B12 shots. No.

2. B12 causes anemia. So it’s better to take in a normal amount of B12 every day than to take in large amounts of B12 from dietary sources. This will help prevent B12 deficiency. No.

If you have a known deficiency of B12, anemia is common and treated with Vitamin B12 shots, but not required. I take 500 micrograms of B12 (recommended for a newborn) on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day and it has never caused anemia.

3. I get all these Cs and Os from different places. Why should I get B12?

Because there is no alternative. You cannot live without B12, so you need to get it.

4. I don’t get enough B12 through my diet. I’m too far away from a clinic to go for a B12 shot.

I don’t know of any other way to get adequate B12 that is so effective.

5. Vitamin B12 shots near me. Where can I get B12 shots near me?

Unfortunately, it is not something that is readily available, but you can buy vitamin B complex supplements if you want to take those.

6. Vitamin B12 shots near me? Do I need to take pills for B12? Yes.

7. Vitamin B12 shots near me? What about vitamins A and D?

The above are only a few of the many foods and supplements that contain them. Your best option for a healthy, balanced diet is to get all your vitamins from whole, natural foods, not from expensive supplements.

8. Vitamin B12 shots near me? How do I know that I’m receiving enough B12 and getting the vitamin b12 shots benefits?

Your doctor can tell you whether or not you’re getting enough B12.

9. Vitamin B12 shots near me? Is this dangerous? I’ve heard of people who got deadly maladies from Vitamin B12 shots.

These things are NOT dangerous and cannot be dangerous if you follow all of the directions. They are absolutely safe and will not harm you.

10. Vitamin B12 shots near me? What about the B12 injections that I’ve heard about?

These are not as effective as a pill and do not replace a healthy diet and exercise program.

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