16 Social Media Optimization Tips You Need to Know

1. Optimize the Social Media Marketing Strategy

2. Do Keyword Research

3. Hashtags

4. Optimize Social Profiles

  • Username: The profile name should be brand/business name. it is the identity of your business so make it as much professional as possible. Try to get it verified so that it looks more trustworthy.
  • Bio/Profile: For every social profile, you will need a short intro or bio. It must be attractive, conveys your message in fewer words and lists important features of your business. It may not be a social media marketing strategy, but it’s essential.
  • Photos: Along with what we discussed above, the social media profile pictures and cover photos are also impact social media optimization. They should be highly optimized, should have standard size and must represent the business idea. Again, not a social media marketing strategy, but still immensely important.
  • Headline: Another social media marketing strategy is to be creative with headlines if you often share content on social sites or make announcements. Test them, include hashtags, keep headlines shorter and they must be catchy.
  • Optimize your Content: Social media is all about quality and great content for a business. Without well-researched, quality and informative content, no brand survives on social media. Users have become more educated because of social sites. Brands provide their followers with quality content. This has created intense competition for new businesses.

5. Visuals and Videos

  • Post Length: When you create social posts, keep them short. They must include the best marketing words, must not be too much promotional, carry important information, include hashtags and have an image as well.
  • Set Posting Schedule: Understanding at what time the social posts get better response and have user engagement is way too important. It must not be ignored otherwise your all social efforts on posts will yield none. You can test and see when your posts get more response and when more users are online. It is sometimes overlooked, but vital social media marketing strategy.

Need a Comprehensive Social
Media Growth Strategy?

7. Connect with Followers

8. Choose the Right Social Platform

9. Create Social Media Campaigns

10. Use AI to Boost Posts

11. Micro-Blogging

12. Do Competitors’ Analysis

13. Compile a List

14. Analyze Competition

15. Use Analytics Tools

16. Track Analytics and Improve



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Arshad Amin

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