Dropshipping Guide: How To Dropship For Amazon

If making money without wasting fortunes is your goal, then dropshipping on Amazon should be your ultimate choice. Ask a trusted eCommerce seller how they sell their products with profits without wasting time, energy, or money; they will probably tell you that dropshipping is the reason. So, how to start dropshipping on Amazon? Before you learn how to sell dropshipping items on Amazon, you need to know what dropshipping is. Follow this Amazon dropshipping guide to stay updated with dropshipping knowledge.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an eCommerce process in which a seller takes orders on behalf of the manufacturer and supplier. The product manufacturer manufactures the product. As a dropshipper, you maintain an online store where you handle customer-related activities like taking orders from the customers and placing orders to your supplier.

Why should you dropship for Amazon?

Dropshipping with Amazon is profitable and rewarding from a wholesaling aspect. If you manufacture your own products, you can use a private label for selling as well. Apart from these features, there are a few benefits of dropshipping with Amazon.

No inventory required

Amazon doesn’t require you to have an inventory for your products. The formula is pretty simple when your customer pays you for a product; you use a portion of the proceeds to make an order to the supplier and ship the product to the customer. You don’t need a warehouse to store all the goods for later purchase.

No hassle for setting up an account

Because you don’t need an inventory or a warehouse, dropshipping on Amazon is very easy and convenient to set up. You make an account, get your product listed, and start your dropshipping business.

Amazon has a massive reach

As you already know, Amazon is a big name with more than 300 million users. So, you already have your audience set. Selling the best product at the right price would surely charm your customers to purchase products from you. If you handle your customers more professionally, you have a chance of converting them into loyal customers.

How to dropship for amazon

Choose an eCommerce platform

If you have a Shopify account, now is the ideal time to use it. If you don’t have it, it’s good to open an account. Shopify has partnered with Amazon, so using Shopify as a platform can help you reap benefits. Shopify allows its users to add Amazon to keep tabs on orders on both the platforms. However, if you aren’t comfortable with Shopify, you can use other platforms.

Create an Amazon seller account

You don’t need a professional account if you sell stuff that isn’t too heavy or expensive. However, creating a seller account can enhance your professionalism. This maximizes the chance of being taken seriously by the customers. If you have a high volume of products, you need to have a professional account because individual selling plans can cut down your profits. Registering a professional account requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee, which can save a few bucks.

Now that we know what to do opening an account wouldn’t be difficult. Register with your email on Amazon Seller Central first. Then fill out all the necessary details required to open an account, for instance, your name, email, passwords, details about your business, tax info, etc.

Get approved in your product category

Getting approval for your product on Amazon is essential. Certain groups and niches of products require Amazon approval; without that, you can’t proceed to do business. Some niches that need approval are fashion, jewelry, beauty and skincare products, etc. You can see a listing of those product categories or niches and view the approval requirements from there.

Set up the Shopify or eCommerce platform account

After your niche has been approved, connect your Amazon account to your Shopify store or any other platforms you trust. For the Shopify account, you would be clicking the + button beside the Sales Channels option. You will see a pop up appear with Amazon as the suggested channel. Click on Amazon to add a sales channel and connect to Amazon by clicking the button. There you go! All set!

Create Amazon product listings with ease

Now inside the Sales Channel page, click ‘Create Listing.’ Then click on an option called ‘Select Product.’ As you will be working as a dropshipper, click the second option that appears something like this ‘This product is made by another brand.’ Search and select the product before clicking ‘publish’ to complete the process.

Have Shopify track inventory

As a final procedure, have your Shopify account track the inventory levels. This helps to ensure that the product is in stock whenever your customer orders one. Also, don’t allow your customers to order a product that is not in stock; it creates a wrong impression on you as a dropshipper.

Here it is, a concise guide of how to do dropshipping in Amazon. Hope the instructions have helped you understand how to open a seller account and use it for dropshipping. Till me meet again, be safe and sound, and turn your business around!

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