How To Run Multiple Dropshipping Stores Successfully

There is no simple answer to how many dropshipping stores you can run. It’s how much time and how much effort are you willing to put in? If you want to open a few dropship accounts but spend all your time on one then why not concentrate on that store? Running multiple stores at once will help you understand the dos and don’ts of running a dropshipping business.

How to run multiple dropshipping stores

Thus, four reasons we have compiled here that will help you running multiple dropshipping stores without raising any flags or concerns.

Know what sells and have solid reasons for opening a store

If you see another store in a different niche making good money by selling products A, B and C then that’s how you know they will sell. If the other stores are ranking well for their main keywords and you can understand how they are doing it then that’s how you know those products have demand.

Don’t open multiple dropshipping stores at once

Avoid multiple PayPal accounts

For example, your current main account does $1,000 worth of orders a month and the new one does $50 worth of orders. If that second account gets flagged for fraud you are likely to lose everything including your product inventory in stock on Amazon marketplace or eBay.

Thus, avoid using multiple PayPal to dropship to multiple stores. It can have a serious detrimental impact on your finances and transactions.

Selling multiple products

In most cases, this won’t slow down your sales. Each store should get its fair share of customers but remember how important sales velocity can be for ranking high in dropshipping business.

When you do decide on how many accounts to open at once make sure you have the time and energy to give them all the attention they need. Once started try not to enter into too much competition with yourself, if one store is doing well don’t set up a second store that will sell the same type of product as there is already a demand for it.

Remember how important sales velocity can be for running multiple dropshipping stores. Sometimes you need to get back to basics to achieve that.

How Many Dropshipping Stores Can One Person Run?

There are plenty of people out there looking for how to do this and how to succeed at running more than one store. It’s also a great way of diversifying your income source by selling multiple products on the internet.

So how many dropshipping stores can one person run?

It seems easy enough if you put in the time, work hard and treat it as a business rather than a side project. Just remember that any successful businesses usually start off doing a lot of small things right like taking care of their customer’s needs before they even consider how to run multiple dropshipping stores.

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