Things You Need To Do To Start Selling Toys Online In 2021

You don’t have to have your own children to know their love for toys. Children = toys, that’s it! But there’s something so beautiful about gifting kids the toy they love. The toothy grin they give is absolutely priceless! Toys never fail to amaze kids, whether they are cars, legos, dolls, or action figures.

Do you make dolls or soft toys? Do you want to be a part of children’s happiness? Then the idea of keeping baby toys for sale online can intrigue you greatly. It’s high time to start your own toy store and spread as much happiness as you can. You make money selling happiness to kids; what better way is there than this?

5 Steps To Sell Toys Online

Step 1: Finding The Toy Niche

I can’t stress enough how important finding a niche is. This will determine your success in the business. Remember your business needs to stand out from the rest of the other toy stores. Although people prefer buying toys from their trusted shops, they are open to purchasing products that ensure quality and affordability. Therefore your products should be promising, or you would lose them, simple as that. Now, you can stock a little of all the good stuff, but that won’t be much impactful for your business. Instead, go by finding a niche that fits your agenda perfectly. Having a suitable niche also lessens the level of competition because of the diverse toy divisions. Here are some niches to try are stuffed toys/plush, wooden toys, action figurines, comic characters, etc.

Step 2: Finding A Trusted Supplier

Now, you need a good supplier who can supply the toys to your store. Converse with a supplier and ask them additional questions like what’s their experience like, how long they are in this field, etc. These little questions can prove helpful for you to understand more about the market and the business. You can also look for sellers who can directly ship the products to the customer with your label on the products. Or better, why not start dropshipping? Dropshipping business requires no inventory or extra fee to start your journey. Just a website where you take orders and one or two trusted suppliers who will send the products to the customers for you. We will be discussing the toy dropshipping business on a different topic some other day.

Step 3: Creating A Suitable Name For The Shop

Selecting a catchy yet effective business name can be tricky. Most of the names you have thought of are either already taken or suitable for your niche. You need to have a name that absolutely suits the nature of your business and the niche, of course! It’s also best if your store’s name is easy to pronounce and remember for the customers. This helps customers remember your shop’s name. Get your shop a name that you can use as a domain name as well for branding.

Step 4: Investing Capital In The Business

To start any business, you need to focus on financing as well. Your dreams will only come to life if you have enough capital to invest in. But if budgeting is an issue and you don’t have money to start fulfilling your dream, you don’t need to sit and sob. There are ways that can help you start with your dream business. You can apply for loans for banks or financers, borrow money from family or friends, or save some from your salary. I think saving up is a great way to invest them later on in your business, and even if you fall short, you can always borrow and ask for some loans. That way, you don’t have the tension of paying the loans. If you are thinking about starting up a business, start saving money from your salary until you have enough to invest in your business.

Step 5: Creating A Website

Your website should be well designed. Keep in mind that your target buyers are mostly children; parents will only be there to pay the money or rarely buy themselves to gift their kids. This means that your website should consist of colors that attract children. If you have a physical store, you need to paint it with colorful paints, children’s favorite cartoon characters, etc. If you are selling online, your website should be meant for kids as well. You need to have proper pictures and product descriptions so that parents understand what exactly the toy is. You can also add a shopping cart feature for parents to place their virtual gifts. Try to make your payment methods more versatile and secure so that everyone can pay via cards and credits without fearing online thefts.


We have talked about the importance of marketing strategy and how SEO can help your business. If you follow our articles, you already know a lot about SEO and digital marketing. For those who don’t, SEO can help you gain customers, establish your brand and expand your business. You can hire an SEO expert to boost traffic. They can cleverly place the keywords like “baby soft toys sale” or “baby toy collections,” etc., into your site and written blogs to add more value.

Phew! Lots of things to do! Hope you found valuable info in this article. Now go ahead and get ready to keep baby activity toys for sale.

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