When You Should Consider Using a Heavy Duty Trench Drain Snake

If you have a heavy duty trench drain that has clogged up, and your basement is not watertight, you might want to consider a drain snake. Drains snakes are strong pipes designed to bore through concrete walls and other kinds of materials.

The trench snake is used to burrow into the concrete and remove loose debris from the drain. It is important to remove any flammable material before a trench snake will be able to reach it. A lightweight tow bar can then be used to dig into the wall to remove the debris.

To make sure the trench snake is as smooth as possible, the end is pre-drilled with holes to avoid snagging any concrete that could cause damage. Once the hole is dug, a stainless steel nail or steel shim can be installed along with a non-metallic blade to avoid damage.

As the snake starts drilling, water is pumped back into the sewer to prevent any water from backing up. After the flammable material is removed, a trench snake can then be replaced with a new one.

If you need to replace a trench drain snake, it is recommended that you call a professional plumber to remove the old snake and the add in the new one. If you are not sure how to install a trench snake, a local plumber should be able to help.

You can also do it yourself but remember that a trench snake is quite a large job so make sure you have a full tank of gasoline to run the backhoe or another type of equipment. This is one DIY project that requires a lot of patience and common sense.

Do not attempt to dig a trench snake if there is snow on the ground. Also, do not dig through the basement foundation, this will likely create an earthquake-like situation.

When removing a heavy duty trench drain snake, remember that the machine is made to withstand very high pressures. Make sure that all loose debris is removed before attempting to remove the drain.

The great thing about a heavy duty trench drain snake is that it does not take very long to get the job done. The car can then be driven away and the basement area is once again watertight.

Keep in mind that a heavy duty trench drain snake as a part of a modular drainage system is going to require lubrication before use. It is recommended that a professional lubricate the drain as the drain snake is moving into position.

Most professionals will lubricate the drain snake after it has been run into the wall to ensure that it does not slip. Because of the power of the machines that is necessary for professional service to be done on the drain.

The drainage pipes and drain snake are both very strong, so if you take care when performing your own drain snake repairs, you should be fine. If not, hire a professional and it will be worth the price.

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